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Character: Hagin and Tommi
Hagin and Tommi were originally soldier sprites created by Gad, which was released as legacy pack in somewhere in the forum. You can find the minion version of them here (Minion pack)

They are the first character(s) to feature a dual-character concept, namely striker system, copied from King of Fighters. Additionally they can switch characters when fighting.

Hagin and Tommi are anagrams of Magni and Mothi, although I expected them to inherit only 5% of strength but 100% of dumbness.

Hagin and Tommi are one set of dual characters, you will notice they take up two character slots and can select either of them. Because they can switch into the other character, in fact selecting either character only differs in which character you are initially using.

Hagin is the attacker whose launches more attacks and is faster.
Tommi is the tank whose is focused in.... uh, tanking.
As strikers they also exhibit their personalities,
Hagin deals more blows but is easily interrupted,
while Tommi deals more stable but slow blows

To play Hagin and Tommi effectively, the very first rule to learn is harnessing the striker system.
To call striker requires the him to be "available", which is wholly dependent on his state, think of the striker is an actual character who you cannot simply input a command to spawn a "fake-human" object, like an energy blast.

Technically, you cannot issue another command when he is already attacking or injured, for example, being blasted off by a tiger dash. There are a lot of attacks strikers are immune to, including john's shield, grabs, whirlwind and flute.

Exchange is an exception to this rule, which its long duration allows this move to be used even if striker is not immediately available. If you think exchange is unfair to "teleport" the striker from a screen away to the active character's position, think of how long will he run back to it :p

The only move that consumes MP is Exchange and it can even be used as long as MP is not below zero. Causing mp to go negative has a great penalty (as to handicap for Exchange's high damage and invulnerability), including dealing damage to self, slower cast time, and being temporarily incapable to attack. The reliance of Exchange is an integral part of these characters, as player has to adapt to style of both of characters to get the most of them.

Both characters still share one health bar. Attacking striker does not carry damage to active character, but killing the active character renders both of them to "lose".

Move list (Click to View)

Striker - Throw weapon
[Image: oZ4BD7V.gif]
Sttiker - Strafe
[Image: 157byOb.gif]
[Image: Gb6sRmo.gif]
[Image: 3Z8FC9u.gif]
Exchange (Insufficient MP)
[Image: pHx3rSO.gif]

Striker - Throw weapon
[Image: yfrTgvu.gif]
Sttiker - Strafe
[Image: W71tT1L.gif]
[Image: byvP07o.gif]
[Image: LVakwhS.gif]
Exchange (Insufficient MP)
[Image: 9ftFn4b.gif]

Video demonstration


Version: 12 Jan 2020


Gad for original character Julian (Human form)
STM for move and DC advice
Thanks given by: LutiChris , FerZ
A large number of buffs:
Exchange MP cost reduced from 60% to 50%

Hagin's Pierce now has variation and can be chained, damage is increased from 20+20 to 40+30
Tommi as striker will no long kick in strafe, runs shorter distance, and cannot be interruopted by any front attack unless it ignores defense
Hagin's Exchange will now hit all enemies in path when he charges

Tommi now has normal reflex when landing on floor
Tommi's basic attack now deals 45 instead of 30 damage
Tommi's jump, run and dash attack will now hit all enemies in area
Hagin as striker will now throw swords much faster, damage is increased from 20 to 30 each
Hagin as striker will now perform a different strafe and runs shorter distance
Tommi's Exchange column: damage is increased from 60 to 90
Tommi will throw axe after Exchange column
Thanks given by:

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