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Character: Ratio Adder for Stage Mode [v2]
In LF2, the more players play in Stage, the more enemies spawn. This is called "ratio".
What if you want to increase the ratio, but without actually adding more players?

The concept is actually very simple - just make a char who kills himself.
You cannot use a self-deleting "Spectator" character, because that will cause the ratio to retroactively decrease back to normal.

How this ratio adder works:
  1. After selecting your own character, choose number of Coms you want to add.
  2. Choose "Ratio+1" as the Coms' characters.
  3. The "type 0" Com character spawns and lands, carrying a clone of himself as a weapon(also type 0).
  4. Com sets blink time to 0, and then sets his own HP to 0 by hitting his weapon(state 10) with itr kind 9.
  5. "Weapon" likewise hits Com with (state 18) itr kind 9, fall 70.
  6. Com enters a pair of infinite-loop frames that allow him to travel to the top left corner of the screen and constantly self-kill.
  7. Because Com has 0hp but no blinking, the AI will ignore him, ratio attacks will not count him, and teleport will not work on him.
  8. "Weapon" is held below the ground, and thus no burning smoke is spawned.

I've updated the system. It is now self-contained and will not require you to edit Stage.dat anymore.
However, it will now require you to follow id: 48 (otherwise, just edit the "oid: 48" value in the character's opoint tags).
id:  48  type: 0  file: data\ratio.dat

It is recommended that you use this in conjunction with the ratio table if you want to know exactly how many foes you're adding:
[Image: uXYPzlw.png]

Google Drive
[Image: uMSShyX.png]
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