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Dr. Beorn (LF2-Boss-Balanced)
Dr. Beorn is a character originally by matt4300. He's a drunk thug with an arsenal of weapons who will rip people apart for no reason and is apparently Silva's arch-enemy.

Dr. Beorn is a cigar-smoking gangster/drunk thug with brute strength and an arsenal of modern weapons at his disposal (namely Revolver, Rifle, Flammable Liquid and Chainsaw). The original version was designed for R-LF2, so I decided to balance him as a boss for LF2 and also adjust some sprites seeing that he's actually a pretty cool character. This balanced version was actually completed a few years ago, but I neglected to upload it until now.

Changes made from the original:
- Added MP cost to all the moves
- Added fire and ice sprites
- Added extra animation frames for Rifle, Xtreme Chainsaw and Revolver Shot after Lock Punch/Strafe for smoother animation
- Added a few more still frames for Revolver
- Nerfed Atomic Grenade from 5 explosions to 3
- Adjusted Atomic Grenade such that it only explodes when it's on the ground. If the grenade hits someone, it'll knock him into the dance of pain

Move list:

See his moves in action here:


matt4300 for creating the original Dr. Beorn character
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