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AI Script Engine 2.32
This is totally not a new thing. It's zort's fork (
Links to DLLs, in case you only need DLLs, not sources:
Debug, for developing AI scripts,
Release, if you only want to play with custom AIs.

I made a new repository for this,
I didn't change anything in code. It was a clone of zort's repository. I added angelscript.lib (by compiling AngelScript SDK) and also added angelscript.h header so now it should compile without missing files. See readme in the repository for more info.

What you can't do on previous ddraw is setting a target as an enemy.
loadtarget does not set them as enemy. It loads information about the target instead.

So what's new?
This version has improvements, enables setting target as enemy (setEnemy(int)). An example by the original author:

Backward compatible with previous AI scripts? Yes so far. All my old AI scripts builds and runs without problems.
(Let's migrate to this version of ddraw wrapper :) )
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