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Z exit
Can a ball be set so it may leave through the z axis? like when davis stands at the top and uses D>A and hold the up button how can you make it so instead of hugging the invisible wall it will leave the level and become useless?
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Huh? Besides the first sentence I didn't really understand what you're trying to do, sorry to say so.
You want to make a ball disappear into the wall or something like that, I'd recommend you the following method:
in that type: 3-object, put a hit_j-value lower than 50 into the flying frames so that the object will move backwards (= towards the background). After a bit (the object should be able to move around 400px to the back), make the object go to a disappear-sequence. Timers are perfectly for that. You can read about them and other type-3-functions >here<

Hope this will answer your question at least partially ;)
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to tell you the truth...
i don't think that this is possible =[
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if it's in stage, use a zero placer (not required but looks better) and make an object with 1 px zwidth all the way to the top, and identical one all the way to the bottom, make it have state: 3005, and no bdy, and have an itr kind 0. this will make everything go to the hit frames when they touch the top.

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damn azriel!

your idea is kinda amazing, but... its to hard to do this... because one needs to create some "leaving" sprites that give that idea...
but... you can't do it in versus mode =/

anyway... it's already cool :D
The dumb do the mess, the normal one gets angry, the smart one have fun. :D
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good idea actually, moved to advanced...

I personally would use itr/kind 8 (y: 10000) in balls and set chars there with bdy at y: 10000 and so the balls disappear and don't get broken when they reach the z-limits.

The chars need to be activate every 2 TU for 1TU, if you don't your stage will get stuck cause there're chars alive which belongs to your enemy - you should destroy them - have fun ;)
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