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New here..
Sooo new to the site not to the game. Love the game! What should i know? I heard about LFO didnt care for it much, what about lf3? Basically looking for information if you please. I am also an aspiring programmer...
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Hello @NexusModel, welcome to LFE!

Well, there is a lot you could know. It depends on what you're interested in.

If you're interested in chatting with other players, then you could join our Discord server. There are a few programmers there and a #programming channel.

There isn't a LF3 but there are LF2 mods which I'm sure you know about. There won't be a new LF in the future because of copyright issues. But there is a new game by the same author called Hero Fighter, which also has an Android version, if you're interested.
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