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Particles Analysis of "broken_weapon.dat"
While the working on a project from me, I got interest about "broken_weapon.dat" and I analysed a little bit the influence and randomness about the particles.

At the moment I analysed ice and burning smoke. I divided this post into the single particles, so you can read what you want (or not). In the future I want add also the broken particles of items.
I describe my results and have to each a few charts. How many data a chart contains, do you can see on the left-bottom side. Also important for all: ALL data was created with character view to LEFT.
You can find my raw data and a lot of specific charts below of this post. (ATTENTION: perhaps a specific frame looks like : "oh it doesn't look really random". It is not really significant, because the specific charts show only a few data. And yes there are a lot of charts...)

How do you did that?
AI console.

"Burning Smoke (Click to View)

Raw Data & specific frame charts:

A few results, how it can look:
[Image: brokeniceylkk8.gif]
[Image: burningsmokebcj1p.gif]
[Image: logo.png]
Website: Lui's Studio

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Thanks given by: MangaD , STM1993 , The_Hari , Silverthorn

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