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Character: Mark!
(08-03-2019, 12:41 PM)The_Hari Wrote:  
(07-21-2019, 11:49 PM)STM1993 Wrote:  There's a solution to minimize the ID requirement and to fix the above problem.
Reserve frame 0 as a wait 0 state 100 frame, and change all next: 999 (except for moves that may occur in midair) to go straight into a standing frame.
This works because next: 999 checks whether a character is in midair before deciding to go into frame 0 or frame 212, so any occurrence of re-triggering state 100 to enter frame 94 is rare if it happens at all. Even then, you could add in an extra ball that blocks any new +2000hp triggers from occurring. Could even make this ball have a special property of letting you regain HP between stages (but unfortunately that won't work in Survival specifically).
I think I tried something similar, but didin't realize I can change next: 999 to new dummy frame (as frame 0 is needed for invisibility). How does the ball suppose to work? Would be very nice, if I could avoid editing stage file.
Although now with Luti's idea, I'd probably use frame 94 for custom landing from body slam, rather than merging the files.
Alright, I'll elaborate on how the whole thing works.

First off, the things you already know or we have covered:
When a char spawns, he will appear in Frame 0. Immediately however, he will land, which normally goes to Frame 219.
By changing frame 0 to use state 100, you can make him land in Frame 94.
Although several things do lead back to frame 0 via next: 999, its hardly a problem since the game would check whether the character is already in midair. If yes, it goes to frame 212 instead of 0, and thus it almost completely removes any possibility of re-landing while in frame 0 to trigger Frame 94.

For self-hit, you can either opoint something with state 18 to hit yourself (and hide the burning smoke by making the opointed object actually underground), or you can make Mark himself have state 10.

For the complete ball system:
Let's get the "HP blocker" out of the way first.
Whenever the self-hit ball is first spawned, it should have at least wait 1 and have a bdy that can be hit by a future frame of itself.
You can either use state 10 on the ball's initial frame to get it to be hittable, or you can use itr kind 9 on the hitter, whichever you need.

Now for the fun part that allows you to not need to modify Stage mode(except in Survival, but its a SURVIVAL).
The trick is that the game will delete all objects when you proceed to the next stage, but it doesn't delete any "weapons" currently held by the object.
With the weapon carrier deleted, the weapon would be "dropped" into the current frame it is already in, and able to go to "next".

What this means is that you can create an object that self-replicates every time you move on to the next stage.
And you have total control over how this object replicates itself or what it should do for each new stage phase.
So for example, in 1-1 he could have 999999hp, in 1-2 he could have 2000hp, in 1-3 he could have only 500hp, but in 1-4 have 1500hp. That kind of thing.
Other practical applications include using it to save your "dialogue" choices in Stage mode.
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