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Character: Mark!

Mark! starts every fight with 2500 hp, he also wont't get visibly injured by any kind of attacks (as I'm not using huge negative fall method, this inludes being frozen or burned), but still lose hp.

[Image: KHibQWQ.gif]

Because of how he is dced, he won't blink at the start of a fight. To make him able to play whole stage with extra hp I attached new stage file. You can use him with custom stages, by simply adding this line, at beginning of every sub stage, except the first one.

id: 45  x: 1  hp: 0  act: 300

Other than all of original Mark's moves, he's got one new kick attack:

[Image: tgdzabA.gif]

In this case D^A+A+A

C+D>J(+A or D)
[Image: W8BSKqS.gif]

As drinking milk would reset his hp back to 500, he will use drinks as throwing weapon.

Thanks given by: Cabba , LutiChris
New move, C+D>J
[Image: W8BSKqS.gif]
Thanks given by: STM1993 , Cabba , Luigi600
(05-30-2019, 10:13 PM)The_Hari Wrote:  New move, C+D>J
[Image: W8BSKqS.gif]

just feel like i need to say this.
but really nice character, very fun and creative and well made, same for the hunter mod and criminal drinks.
i hope we can see more stuff like this
Thanks given by: The_Hari
Got it polished as much as I could, you can throw opponent from C+D>J or drop them, also when out of mana. Fixed flipping from "falling" and changed D^A so you can really combo it into D^A+A+A on a single enemy. Done and done.
Thanks given by: Cabba

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