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Character: Hunter item throwing mod (Robyn)
Hunter item throwing mod

[Image: cZP0yJg.gif][Image: tVpwXFi.png]

A little hunter modification, based on my old character. Shooting items with a bow was pretty fun concept, but all the rest of Robyn attacks were a little overdone and not really fine working.

[Image: 4zxNaQ4.gif]

What's new compared to old version? You can't spawn arrow with input, instead you will get one whenever you:
  • throw heavy weapon
  • throw enemy
  • flip from falling
  • get up after lying down
  • perform super punch
And they will properly disappear after hitting opponent.

There is also b sheet avaliable.

[Image: CHX0GaF.gif]

Thanks given by: STM1993 , Luigi600 , Cabba

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