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Weapon: Attack spawns boulder
Hi I am new to DC/LFE Forums, I tried adding an attack and it worked except that every time I cast the move, it spawns a boulder...
How do I make only the attack show and not spawn any boulders?
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Hello, you should show us your dat file, but sounds kinda like you used the same id as the weapon1. Every item in data.txt should use different number.
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Hi thank you for fast reply.
I post the files as attachment to this post.
In the files, the davis_column or col refer to another attack.
The attack that spawns the boulder is a geyser with hit_Dj.

Attached Files
.dat   davis.dat (Size: 88.64 KB / Downloads: 16)
.dat   davis_ball.dat (Size: 15.08 KB / Downloads: 17)
.txt   data.txt (Size: 3.44 KB / Downloads: 18)
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A bit lazy to open the files but im gonna guess u copied the stuffs from lf2 SV, where davis' geysers spawn a rock that gets destroyed for rock effects.
Just look for an opoint in there that spawns id1 or whatever the rock id is and remove that opoint part
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Its exactly what Nyamaiku said.

Check davis_ball.dat frame 81.
   kind: 1  x: 75  y: 60  action: 0  dvx: 0  dvy: 0  oid: 150  facing: 0

There's your culprit.
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This worked! thank you =)
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