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Weapon: Criminal Milk
How to stop Julian and co from stealing your milk during battle? Here's a silly and suprisingly effective way.

Criminal Milk
[Image: ZLgjN6W.png]

Criminal Milk will randomly drop from the sky, as every other regular weapon, but will be completely ignored by all ot the computer controlled characters, untill a player decides to break a rope.

[Image: Nv9e3dv.gif]

As regular criminals it's quite indestructable, however it will react to environment and can be thrown off the screen.


Have fun playing to all of the still more or less active forum members ^^
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Good to see you again Hari!

There is one area of improvement for this criminal milk system if you're willing to edit the milk data itself to include b_sprites.
This milk that you've spawned still has 500hp - in other words a mega milk worth x5 the normal healing amount.

If this is something you can't overlook, what you can do is have the opointed type 3 milk_delivery drain its own HP to an appropriate amount via hit_a, and then subsequently transform itself into the milk(state 8122, hence the need for b_sprite). You will also need to add the correct weapon_hp values in milk_delivery otherwise the newly transformed milk will just break instantly.

Assuming you want to control the amount of HP this milk spawns with and you'd rather keep the data you have largely the same, what you can do is change milk_delivery to a type 5 instead of a type 3. This way, when you spawn it in Stage, you can control the height it spawns from as well as how much HP it will have.

Also the fact you're using id 199 means this criminal milk can and will spawn in VS mode, or at random in Stage.
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Regarding the milk b_sprites, another way is to spawn a type: 0 which transforms into a milk with s8122.

You can specify the health of milk freely this way, but you need to place a y: tag to properly imitate the dropping action (type3 are spawned on ground) and use a minion id to remove a flashing "Com" logo before the character transforms.
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Big thanks for solutions, I wasn't even aware of that, but decided to leave it as it is. Thought also about using this wrong hp amount as a feature and give opointed milk some sort of indicator of being "super", a different sticker maybe? But dont't want to edit original files just for it.
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