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is this possible?
is it possible to get an open source version of lf2, but how will it happen?
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There is nothing planned on releasing the source code of LF2, nor has there ever been any will, as shown in these FAQs from the game devs that haven't changed much within the past 15 years or so:

Quote:Will LF2 be open source ?
No, we are not planning to do that.

Ergo, don't get your hopes up that there will be an official release of the code. In fact, you'd be better off in either creating a clone yourself or ask to join one of the projects that aim to replicate LF2's behavior (Will, Ultima Fighter Online, The A-Engine: A new Beat 'em Up game engine, or F.LF v0.9 (open source LF2) come to to my mind off the top of my head, there are definitely more that I just can't recall right now).

Alternatively, if you're just interested in how the exe deals with very specific scenarios, you might want to check out the Hex Editing section which gives you gems like a few decompiled functions. The Mainsite also explains some of the underlying mechanisms. Also, some threads in the DCing section contain theories, how-to's, and code snippets for creating novel features.

An exe which massively extends the capabilities of the original engine would be Neora. Highly recommended in case you plan on creating a full mod.

Long story short, no source code for LF2 but, seeing that that info has been around for a while, people have adapted to it by either exploiting LF2's very own limits or creating a new platform altogether.
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