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I need help creating an advanced feature phase
I apologize for the possible error but I do not know English so I used google translate
Hi I'm new here but I know little fighter 2 a few years ago and more or less a decide to create a mod that brings together some of the best mod I've played now I started to make my own editions so I'm doing some old beat em up phase
I'm using the neora engine that makes it possible to have more characters and stages among other features
and then I started having difficulty making it to this stage of the streest of rage
[Image: Stage-7-2.jpg]
I intend to do it exactly the same and still put that feature that causes the character teleported to a part of the map after falling off the platform someone can help me thank you
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I'm not familiar with neora(which would have way more options available) or streets of rage, so I'll judge based on what I know of original LF2 and your description.

You have a few ways to go about this:
1) Create an object that has "itr kind 3", and carry it via wpoint.

2) Add itr kind 8 to all characters in certain frames, and spawn a bandit(to hide the "Com") on the rightmost side of the screen with a very large bdy that stretches all the way to the wall.

In either case, they'd bring the character to a specified frame, where you can adjust their actual position they would land.
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Thank you, I'm fan of your work.
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I see a problem with that. You would need to prevent AI to going into that part of the map though. It can be easily exploited.

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Help me and test my new game basis!

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