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Background: Brokeback_Clif replacement
Silverthorn in the projects-forum usually means that he probably got lost somewhere along the way, right? Not this time, though!

Never really liked the original survival-bg, so about an hour or so ago I decided to overpaint it! Wobble

Because sprites are not synchronized in online-play, you could technically replace all sprites in the game as long as the dats stay untouched (not really tested how much one could modify bg.dat's, to be honest, but sprite-replacements definitely work). Apart from that, not much to say, really, it's just a replacement of the original "Brokeback_Clif"-background, so the attached archive only contains the altered bitmaps. Just replace the original "bc1" to "bc5" images with these and you're good to go.

[Image: 3vJXweQ.png]
...featuring @STM1993's Challenge Stage!


.zip (Size: 598.18 KB / Downloads: 25)

No idea whether this is still a WIP or finished, so I'm just gonna keep it in the Projects-section for now. Although changes are probably unlikely because reasons.
Have fun! Wobble

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is that masked fighter a custom lf2 character
Common Household name??!!? (Click to View)
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(12-01-2018, 07:51 AM)Water Kahn Wrote:  is that masked fighter a custom lf2 character

Nah, he's part of original LF2 Wobble

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