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Version: Road to Fighter v0.2 - Official first prototype
Road to Fighter is a rewritten LF2 version that features reworking of attack system to fit more of Fighting Game genre, and an ever-expanding roster of characters created or remade by me. I would also select some of my fine collections of backgrounds in this game.

This version is more oriented on versus mode than stage, and hero characters are more balanced than my previous creations.

Current Status
10 Fighters and Mia can be played, system largely completed.
Minions and Bosses can be played but are incomplete.
Features only Gargoyle Hall, Mainframe and Nothing as new background to reduce loading time.

Update log
Update log (Click to View)

Light-heavy attack
Pressing Attack when holding forward (→) triggers heavy attack
Denoted by (→A)

Pressing Attack without pressing direction triggers light attack
Denoted by (A)

List of light-heavy attacks

Stand Light (StandL)
Stand / Walk A
The normal punch equivalent of LF2. Stuns after multiple hits
Deals 20 damage if stunned on 3 hits, 30 damage if stunned on 2 hits

Stand Heavy (StandH)
Stand / Walk →A
Stuns on hit, deals 40 damage

Run Light (RunL)
Run A
Stuns on hit, deals 40 damage, breaks defend

Run Heavy (RunH)
Run →A
Knocks enemy off, effect and damage varies

Except when specified in the move list, all hero characters have two kinds of breaks:

Counter Break
Repel all enemies by pressing J when being knocked off, burning or frozen, being temporarily invincible

Dream break
An one-use cancel cast by pressing DJA on ground, this stuns and hits falling enemies, allowing combo to continue or acting as escape from enemy combo

Coup de grâce
All characters can no longer flip.
Dance of Pain now lasts less time (16/30 instead of 28/30 second)

Attacking lying enemies
Certain attacks can damage lying enemies

When lying status is about to end, pressing and holding Forward or Backward allows character to roll in that direction

Mana cost rework

Cost of all moves are multiples of 10% of maximum MP.



Stand attacks
[Image: 9sE9X2t.gif]
Run light
[Image: Yjbd6An.gif]
Run Heavy
[Image: edQ3wHu.gif]
[Image: VkwXUsp.gif]
Counter Break
[Image: BK3wIHm.gif]
Deep combo
[Image: gUD9Kjz.gif]
Dennis combo with Dream Break
[Image: s3ELgAp.gif]
Louis combo with Dream Break and grabbing lying body
[Image: VN1rdAM.gif]

(Emergency fix)

STM for DC advice
The full list (and some unnecessary details) is included in the credit section of readme file
Thanks given by: STM1993 , NewToTheEra , Bamboori , Alinz

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