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Character: Stancher
Stancher was originally created by Gad as a human form Julian but never publicly published.

Stancher is setup character who uses crystal moves. He can seal enemies, forcing them into stasis and use other moves to further damage sealed enemies. He is also slippery in being capable to teleport even in adverse situations.

Playing style of Stancher revolves about sealing and outmaneuvering enemies. His crowd control and close combat are mediocre, but he can launch blasts from the sky, teleport extremely quickly and isolate wave of enemies.

His Crystal Seal is his lifeline which is his hard crowd control and combo initiator. All his other moves can deal halved damage to sealed enemies, these triggered seals will explode into blocks blasting nearby enemies.

Move list (Click to View)

Crystal blast (ground)
[Image: gOiueW3.gif]
Crystal blast (aerial)
[Image: 1QQhqgt.gif]
Cipher strike
[Image: UOmHP7L.gif]
Crystal seal
[Image: crcP7fP.gif]
[Image: x8MoaGK.gif]
Crystal block
[Image: MOzMUs9.gif]
Combo: Crystal seal, Crystal blast (Aerial), Cipher strike, reverse Crystal blast
[Image: rfzfsj2.gif]
Combo: Punch, Cipher strike, reverse Crystal seal, Crystal blast x3, Cipher strike, jump attack
[Image: C00iimT.gif]

Video demonstration

Stage 2 walkthrough


Version: 11 Nov 2019


Gad for original character Julian (Human form)
STM for move and DC advice
Thanks given by: NewToTheEra , STM1993 , MangaD , Sam Fisher , Gad
Wow that's an amazing charachter
Feedback soon

1.I would make the D>J move possible to be directed upwards or downwards.
2.I would add some additional supecial attack: D^A: a stalking biscuit similar to John's, but that traps the enemy paralyzed. only 10 damage on its own but keep the enemy vulnerable for attacks for say... 2 seconds. in John's Biscuit level of tracking I would place the MP at a relatively high 350 MP. think it will add much to the gameplay.

best of luck! happy to see this project.
Thanks given by:
11 Nov 2019:

Crystal blast can now only be used 3 times consecutively.
Crystal seal can now deal damage to sealed enemies (up to 2 times)
Cipher strike input is now D^J, removed quickcast, deals 50 damage to unsealed enemies
Added Warphole
Thanks given by:

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