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Circling Protecting Dennis Balls
Dennis creates chasing balls that chase him himself and thus protect him
does anyone has any ideas how to do that?
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As spoken as Discord, and then now expanded upon in this post:

Okay I understand that you've read the pet guide.
Chasing self is unfortunately a hardcoded ability, you will need to use the hardcoded ability to spawn Jan's healing angels, and then edit jan_chaseh accordingly.

The method described in the pet guide and used by several characters is to make the Jan angel itself spawn on the same height as the caster, allowing the angel to instantly heal the caster. This brings the angel that healed the caster to a frame 10/40(I forgot which) where it is safe from the itr kind 8 used to remove the other angels in frame 0.

The biggest problem/side effect is that you will end up healing yourself with the above-described method used for this and there is no way to remove this healing without changing the EXE(jan's healing and itr kind 8 are seperate), but it is the most fool-proof method.

Another possibility is to spawn the angels at a height different from the owner so that it doesn't instantly heal him, and then use an itr with arest to rebound one of the angels(you may use itr kind 9 on the hitter or state 10 on angels) - the rest are then removed either by itr kind 8 or by getting the rebounded angel to destroy the other angels. In fact, you could make the angel have state 3005 and have it by hit by an itr kind 9 - this brings the angel to frame 40 itself instead of having to use the rebound frame.
(edit: frame 40 is a bad idea actually, because its used as the "tail" effect for homing projectiles like Jan's)

This is very consistent if you are the only person in a team, but if you have teammates, the side-effect is that you will appear to give the angel to one random person in the team. This method is also vulnerable to stacking(that is to say, multiple Jans in standing in the same location and casting the spell at the same time).
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