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Are Save States A Thing?
A year ago someone joined our community and showcased humself beating stage 50 on Difficult as Tamplate without taking any damage. He said he used extensive puase-buffering, but that alone can't elimintae human error for around an hour.
When playing with him online, he never showed such skills and by the time I was ready to question his methods, he vanished.

Is it possible that he found a way to use save states (meaning that he saved during his playthrough and reloaded whenever he took damage)? If so, that means LFR files have no value anymore.
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While I haven't seen such a thing in action yet, I'm quite certain it is possible (and probably not even very hard) to do. In fact I've considered this myself a few times a couple of years ago, but never got deep into researching it.
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Chiko actually talked about making a save state for Survival.

The way it works is that he'd record the RNG factors and all that, and then let the game replay itself until the latest point.

But no such program currently exists, at least publicly.
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Turns out it's possible to create save states by running the game on Windows through virtual machine. Although it's rather sluggish, as the state loads the whole... state of the whole system, it's workable nontheless.

Another way to do it - which is much more copmlex: Making sure the needed value to stay the same to make sure RNG doesn't change (RNG as of dropped items and spawn locations), then giving commands in advance until you reach a certein frame where you need to give it a new command. This is actually what I originally thought he did, as I didn't know it's possible to create save states on VM.

Reading his messages again, I realize he probably meant that, though he called it "stopping the game" (he might've meant to say "pausing" the game).

Playthroughs such as that don't have place in human competitions, it belongs to the realm of tool-assisted. This is kind of the the point of no return. Yes, it's easy to determine whether someone plays on normal speed, low speed (with and without key ignore due to lag) or in this case - using save states, but I'm afraid of the day a tool-assisted run will pas under the radar or even worse, we might accuse a legit play for cheating just because someone practiced enough*.

* There no doubt the replay in question was not a "legit" play, as the guy pretty much sucked when playing in real time.
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