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About Little Fighter Night
Hello Everyone im sure most of you know about LF: Night so to get to the point i want to move characters from Night to 1.9c so i tried firstly Vile Dragon character is working but his moves are invisible so he is like the template now anyway how to fix this?
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I'm assuming you added the respective line of Vile Dragon to data.txt to be able to play with it. However, please make sure you also copied the special attacks, too. Typically, most characters have at least one additional file that contains projectiles and the like; for example, John has several entries in data.txt:
id:  2  type: 0  file: data\john.dat
id: 200  type: 3  file: data\john_ball.dat
id: 214  type: 3  file: data\john_biscuit.dat

If the bottom two are missing, John would only be able to fight with his basic moveset and no special attacks whatsoever. The reason is because inside john.dat, special attacks are created by the id number as written in data.txt. When that entry is missing, the game will just insert a blank spot where an energy ball, for example, should be.

Long story short, please check if you have included all necessary files. Ensure that the id-numbers do not clash with existing entries (for example, if there were two lines that read
id: 200
, the bottom line would be used, if I remember correctly). If that is the case, you'll have to manually change the numbers in the dat-files that spawn these objects. In our case, if you were to change john_ball.dat's id from 200 to 255, you'd have to go into john.dat, search for all instances of
oid: 200
and change those to 255.

Hope that helps!
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everything is installed properly trust me it is and the lines as well there are 3 dat files one is viledragon next is viledragonchase last viledragonboss and their lines are ok but viledraon does do the animation of the move but the ball it self of the move isn't comming out which is = no damage nothing just nothing but a sound of the move

EDIT: the id of each is viledragon.dat from 5 changed it to 13,viledragonchase 239 not changed,viledragonboss isn't in data of night so not added the line so i basically copied everything related to him and pasted where i found it dunno if the change of id was the mistake though

EDIT2: i checked the mismatch you said about id's and i saw that in lf2 night viledragon is using bat_ball julian_ball check it and tell me what's wrong if you can cz it doesn't make sense since it's working fine in night

EDIT3!: ok ok it seems the creator of Night putted multiple ball's inside to Dragon_Ball.dat heh that makes sense now since i added that last file his first move finally APPEARED so thx for help also to mention this if some of you still love lf2 and actually still playing it i wouldn't mind upload some ripped characters XD

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Well, truth be told, I have never played with that character, so I don't know what exactly he's supposed to do during these moves. However, as you can read on this page, the
-tag specifies a frame which is not applicable in vanilla LF2.

For example, take frame 242 of viledragon.dat: the
specifies to spawn object id 203 (which is deep_ball.dat) at frame 140. Coincidentally, the original deep_ball.dat-file only contains the frames 0-5, 10-13, 20-23, 30-33, and 40-42. Been a while since I last tinkered with LF2's oddities but chances are that after running that frame, there will be a shadow on the ground that will stay there for the rest of the match.

In other words, seems like the creator of viledragon transferred some of the necessary data into the original dat-files which makes it a bit more difficult to run if you start cherrypicking characters from multiple locations. As long as this is the only character that has these dependencies, it's going to be fine when you replace the original files with those from the Night mod (deep_ball.dat, julian_ball2.dat, julian_ball.dat, john_ball.dat, bat_ball.dat) (technically, I think some of these don't have to be replaced but can't be bothered to check which file has which frames available right now). If other characters do so as well, you might end up with some fairly ugly side-effects.
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heh actually not in the original but in another character's dat for instance these are the characters that use their balls from dragon_ball.dat viledragon,phoenix,Dragon (ofcourse XD),firzen and hunter lol XD at least this solves my little problem and thx for free lessons or you want to be paid in characters? XDDDD
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