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existing communities
Hello everyone:

For the sake of those who are playnig the game, I seek to create a full list of the communities that still plays LF2 and their locations. I ask you to post here the link to the relevant forum+its community's location. posting its language would also be useful.
useful international forums like this one are also welcome, but mention they are not small enough to be a lag-free LF2 community.


LF Forever: (Russian)

Poland: (Polish)


Taiwan: (Mandarin)

Beijing: (Mandarin)


Middle East:

Israel: (Hebrew)
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Copypasta'd from the LFE Discord:
Official Ztage Forum:
LF Empire:

Mandarin-speaking community:
LF2 Baidu: (China)
LF2 Taiwan: (Taiwan)

LF Forever: (Russia / Russian)
LF2 Polish Center: (Poland / Polish)

There's facebook groups and other chat groups but I don't count those.
Didn't mention the Israeli site because limi already put that in his original post.
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Is this everyone?
I have heard from Arik (Israeli community) that there are players in Hong-Kong, aren't they active?
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