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Little Fighter 2 Mac - Help Me Out!
Hello everyone,

I used to play this game a lot, recently I wanted to play again. I have tried Playonmac also Manual Wine setup method but I get few errors and can't play the game;

First of all, when I'm setting up the game with Playonmac, I get this error;

[Image: 7rXjLMY.png]

When I open the game, I get this:

[Image: UMBeBQv.png]

And I click OK, the game loads perfectly, I choose any mode and when I click play, the game crashes:

[Image: 2Db100i.png]

Is there anyone can help me with this?

*I have tried LF v2.0a and LF v2.0.
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This is a problem with PlayOnLinux/Mac and I cannot do anything about it. What is happening is that the dependencies are not being installed for some reason.

Try the manual method and let me know if you run into any problem.
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The first error is misleading. Essentially, the BGM need an audio decoder because LF2 is programmed weirdly and needs something to transfer wma-files to something playable. Incidentally, WMP provides that decoder. Not sure, but there is probably some other decoder that can be used instead...
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