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Character: Mefju (Levi Version)
Mefju is a character originating from Gad's creations, having stomp, energy sword, ground dash and an energy blast.

My rework for Mefju simply made him hero-level strength, that means less exaggerated motions and smaller projectiles and revised damage. I'm currently not sure how this build will work in the meta, but I added some gadgets into him including ability to press all three keys of DvA while running to directly use Stomp move.

Mefju is a melee fighter that all his moves have short range, but are generally versatile. I haven't got any cutting edge DC technology incorporated in him, so he should be generally easy to master compared to complex characters like Crimson and Cord.

Move list (Click to View)

Energy Blast + Dash attack
[Image: 9TqXs51.gif]
Run + Quickcast Stomp
[Image: 9yuMJRq.gif]
Punch x3 + Super punch + Stomp + Jump attack x2
[Image: G4U4T6R.gif]
Punch x2 + Stomp + Dash
[Image: ngzkHsm.gif]
Energy Sword
[Image: Rjp6VfC.gif]

Video demonstration



Version: 19 July 2018


Gad for original Mefju
STM and Nyamaiku for move and DC advice
Thanks given by: NewToTheEra , Water Kahn , RazenBrenday

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