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Davis2.0 Character mod

Davis 2.0 is my very first completed character, while working on him I was struggling at the start trying to understand how to code my character. As I continued to work through all my problems, coding became a little easier and this is when I actually started to make progress with Davis 2.0. Now i think it is ready to be put on the LFE downloads list.

The young and brave Davis always knew that he had the potential to be the greatest fighter. All he needed was a teacher to show him the path to his true potential. While on an adventure he came across a mysterious old man who said he could teach him all there is to know about being a master of a Mysterious art called Saichi. It taught him how to use combos and a couple new tricks that could be of use when in battle. 5 years later he has mastered Saichi and is ready for some action.


- Char: There are not any additional animations as I suck at any type of animation. I have made new combos with existing animations and I think they have turned out well for a beginner.
The existing attacks from Davis2.0 are the same as Regular lf2 Davis but I have changed them and have added extra code to make new combos out of them.

I have Added two extra energy attacks which can be used if you use the combination:
D + <-> + A + D or J:You have to be fairly quick when you press Defend or Jump button to activate it.

You can also Activate other combos just like this with every other attack.



I had no extra help Just worked on it myself :)
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