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Transform State

I'm trying to make an awakening mode. The character have to be able to transform into the -Ex and back to the normal. I've read problems about the 140 pics. Are there any other methods to do this without adding more pics? I also read somewhere about the state 400.

Thanks in advance!
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State 400 is teleport to enemy.
Probably referring to 4xxx(4000), but that is a custom-made state using a modded exe or a dll.

pic +140 isn't that big an issue once you know how to manipulate the pic data. There are some guides on it.

Last method is to use Rudolf transform with cpoint throwinjury -1, but this one is more complicated than sticking to state 8xxx.

Not sure about the bg question in the other thread and I can't check at work; you might get answers faster on LFE discord.
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