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Mod: Modified LF2 chars
A playtrough of Stage 5 with advanced cpu's from orginal LF2 characters.




I only modified the chars and added new ai's/changed the sound files to make the game harder and look better.
The stage itself had 15 bosses which got costume ai's, the main problem is that they struggling by using attacks in the right moment, they will be fixed soon. In the future when the project itself is done, an link will be updated.

What are you thinking about the project?


Nino, Clide, Adam, Frozen and Darius are not created by me, they're created by members from this page.
The dancing template is also created by the members from that page. I use him for to recover health.
Last but not least i want to apologize for to forget the names from the owners.
Thanks given by: NewToTheEra

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