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Survival + Stage Replay Collection
I've been running single stages for long time, and improved them alot from the last time I posted.

All stages were done with Deep. All attempts were on 30fps, except where noted.
Stage 1 in 2:30 (Faster attempt in 2:28, but was done on 25 FPS) [Can be improved by a second maybe] {previous PB: 2:38}
Stage 2 in 2:59 [Can go to 2:55 maybe] {previous PB: 3:20}
Stage 3 in 4:07 [Sub 4 is possible] {previous PB: 4:24}
Stage 4 in 4:28 [Can go to 4:20 maybe] {previous PB: 4:31}
Stage 5 in 7:57 [Can go to around 7:40]{previous PB: 8:06}
Total runtime: 21:59 or 22:01

I've been trying to do sub 8 in stage 5 for 2 years. Finally did it a few days ago. This stage and the others are still improvable, but too much bulls**t and RNG are in the way to make that happen.
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Thanks given by: MangaD , STM1993
Ramond, mfc, zort & I played.

19 Sep 2016 - 4p Crazy Survival - stage 29
Ramond was Henry, mfc & zort were Rudolfs, I was Firen.

10 Oct 2016 - 4p Crazy Survival - stage 40
Ramond was Rudolf, mfc was Firen, zort was Deep, I was Freeze.
mfc & I did fuse together as Firzen at the end of the survival in an attempt to escape from a bad situation. We then defused thinking the HP would split among us more evenly, but alas that was a bad idea. There's an air volcano by the enemy Firzen around 35:37.
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Steiner v3.00 (outdated), Challenge Stage v1.51
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