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Survival + Stage Replay Collection
Beaten Stage 2 on Crazy with Hunter :D :D :D .
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So i've been playing LF2 for ten (!) years now, and i fiiiiinaly made stage 3 on CRAZY mode with louis-ex solo (without freeing hostages).

My goal actualy is to do stage 4 on crazy solo, but i've nearly concluded that to be impossible, so i did stage 3 instead :p

Take a look :D
(sorry if its speeded up too much):

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there is a survival record played by a china player misuchii
he use davis to reac the survival level 46
here may i share this lfr to all of you

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.lfr   samomi(davis46)Survival.lfr (Size: 34.75 KB / Downloads: 42)
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What! Julian and Seven Julians only reached stage 41 at difficult! Well, I am not a good player....I reached these stages in Easy only! Like I reached Stage 49 with Dennis(Also with Deep)!
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Participants: Mac (Rudolf)
Difficulty: Normal
Died at stage: 49
Time: 30 minutes
Description: I really tried this time to make that new record... :'(

I am now convinced that Deep may be the best choice to get to and beat the stage 50.
I will try it next Twisted
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Here are some of my new recordings :-

Louis survival easy stage 48(I didn't turned to Louis EX) :

Louis EX with 7 other Louis EX(CPU) survival normal stage 48 :

Mark with 7 other battle mode characters(CPU) survival easy stage 38 :

Firen survival easy stage 60 :

I hope you liked my these new recordings too, and my offensive and defensive skills. :D I don't think my these recordings are able to make any world record but it is just to tell you about me. I am still making some new great recordings.

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Hey, in future, if you only want to show your recordings which aren't records, please post them in the VS/Stage+Survival Replay thread. Thanks ;)
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Freeze stage 4 CRAZY! sans criminals (SPOILER: I lose)
Some funny stuff happened:
Firen unfreezes, flips, gets caught by my whirlwind but doesn't get frozen (or gets unfrozen as soon as he touches the ground?), jump attacks a frozen John while still in the whirlwind. Happens around 3:25
[Image: bBeHj2X.gif?] happens around 10:15
[Image: 9ntgd94.gif?] (note the flying Mark) happens around 10:40
Dennis Stage 5 Crazy! or Watch on YouTube

Template VS 7 Template Crazy HKC! spoiler: I used hoe.

2 Template VS 6 Heroes with my brother ;D . He finally is willing to play despite the lag.
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Stage 3
Character: Freeze
Difficulty: Difficult
Total time: 17 minutes

I 've been playing lf2 for 5 years, keep trying to beat this stage 3 (difficult) with normal character solo (no hostage rescue) , until today I accomplished that :D. I beated it once with louis-ex some years ago, but somehow it felt like cheating (and also firzen, that's cheating too >_<) My goal is to clear stage 5 solo (only difficult, crazy mode is nearly impossible). Don't know if anyone did that though.

Freeze 's one of the best combo:
[Image: lf2_3_5_hit_zpsee416826.png]
This move depends on luck so I feel awesome every times I do that :D.

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.lfr   20130714_174303_Stage_3.lfr (Size: 19.24 KB / Downloads: 28)
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17 min?..5Years...Stage 3 dif...Freeze? you seriouse? XD
Master! :)
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