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More frames
I have a big problem, I would like to create a character with more smooth graphics, I mean the character to have more frames:

-from 4 looped frames = (5>6>7>8>7>6) to 6 next 1 by 1 frames (5>6>7>8>X>Y>5) of walking.
-the same situation of running and other same frames.

I found old topic, when someone give advice(Walking Frame Order ?):


But it's not working. I don't know how I can do this, so I ask u forum's members.
I hope you can help me solve this problem

PS: Sorry for my english, it's not my native language.
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Unfortunately there isn't a way to add new frames in a way that makes the animation go smoothly. You see, the problem is the way walk/run loops:
walk = 5->6->7->8 -> 7->6->5
run = 9->10->11->10->9.
If you tried to add new frames, you'll get:
5->305->6->306->7->307->8->308 -> 7->307, 6->306, 5->305.
9->309->10->310->11->311 -> 10->310->9->309
You'll notice the animation would be correct at the start, but once the animation reverses, it'd become all wrong.
So this trick is pretty much limited for DCing tricks like making the character heal himself automatically even when walking/running, rather than for animation.

For running, there is one possible alternative, but it comes at the cost of gameplay.
Instead of using state 2 for the running, you can use state 301 (which uses the dvz value stated in running_speedz) and put in a dvx: value in the running frame itself, and use next: to control the running animation. This allows complete control over the running animation. However, it has several side-effects/costs:
1) While running diagonally, you don't lose any speed along the x-axis. Running diagonally normally reduces your x-axis speed to 5/6 of the original value.
2) In order to add run attack, you must add hit_a. The character cannot detect whether he is carrying a weapon when you press A while running. Therefore, the character always does the same run attack, regardless of whether you have a weapon or not.
3) You have to add a new frame for hit_j to allow the character to dash like before - in other words you need to make a "fake dash" by making a frame with, for example, state: 15 wait: 0 next: 213 dvx: 18 dvy: -10 dvz: 5. This can make dash attack inputs a bit less responsive.
4) The biggest problem: there is no hit_back detection to make the character stop running when you press <. The only way to make this work is to add an mp: -1 tag with hit_d: xxx, and then in frame xxx, it needs to have yet another mp: -1 tag with hit_d: yyy. This is so that when you press D, you will still roll, but holding < for long enough(or you run out of mana), you will stop running as per normal. However, this new method of stop_running is nowhere as sensitive and you can actually end up rolling instead of stop running if you simply tap < gently.

there is no good way to increase the number of frames in walking/running for the sprite animation.
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