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Data changer tutorial for dumbs?
heya im new here with my low english language.
I'm searching for some tutorials starts from REALLY beggining. like:

<frame> 307 blabla
pic: 177 state: 3 wait: 2 next: 999 dvx: 0 dvy: 0 dvz: 0 centerx: 29 centery: 73 hit_a: 0 hit_d: 0 hit_j: 0
kind: 1 x: 36 y: 37 weaponact: 30 attacking: 0 cover: 1 dvx: 0 dvy: 0 dvz: 0
kind: 0 x: 21 y: 3 w: 33 h: 68

What are "<frame>, pic, state, wait, next, dvx, dvy, dvz, centerx, centery, hit_a, hit_d, hit_j, wpoint, kind, weaponact, cover, wpoint_end, bdy, w, h...

As i said im really dumb for data changing. Do you know good tutorial videos or suggest ayn videos?

Thanx for reading and answering this dumb :)
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As far as i know there isn't any video :(

But you can check some other tutorials which are explained by words and some of them even with images.

Check mainsite:
and you can check tutorials forum here :)

happy coding
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Well most helpfull tutorial has broken link...

Other stuff and Some More Stuff's every links are broken.
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(03-18-2018, 12:31 PM)kamyon95 Wrote:

Other stuff and Some More Stuff's every links are broken.

Just checked the "Other Stuff"-spoiler, the links are working for me.
The only difference is that things run on https instead of http nowadays, so if you get an error following those links, add the "s" and things should point to the right location.

ex: instead of
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