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Character: [char] Sako (first character)
Thats My First CHaracter "Sako" From Kingdom of Ice


D>A : 2 balls when u press attack

D>J : Tcolumn, teleport column to enemy /70

DvJ : spawn 3 column with a speed move /70

DJA : a ice dragon/ mp 5500


for DC advices

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Firstly I'd comment on the instruction of the character.

You need to tell the reader the MP cost of all the moves, and possibly name each move so readers can easily reference them.

mp: 5500 is a refenence to data changers, readers do not understand this, but will understand its outcome: 50 HP + 500 MP cost, so instead of mp: 5500 write Cost: 50HP + 500MP or Cost: 10%HP + 100%MP.

Also you may need to rephrase your move descriptions into partial or complete sentences, like from:
spawn 3 column with a speed move

Moves quickly and spawns 3 columns

You may also need to fully describe the side effects, so the DvJ move may have a description like:
Sako moves quickly and spawns 3 columns, each column deals 60 damage and freezes to enemy in touch, and becomes obstacle which can be shattered either by attack or after 3 seconds.
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I disagree that he needs to do it. To be honest - if I was making a character alone I might not point these out.

However this character has been discussed a little on the discord server and someone came up with a conclusion that the moves he has are a perfect example of being overpowered.

It's nice that you try some dc-ing, but definitely nothing worth much attention. There is ton of similiar op-move-based characters in the web.

Good luck with your future projects.

[Image: NsiNMB9.png]

Help me and test my new game basis!

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