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Background: 3 LFO revamped backgrounds
Among a pile of Little Fighter Online material I tried to find some decent backgrounds that might be reworked as some simple LF2 BGs. Although an older LFO-LF2 by taiwan player TBVE (vegetable) had extracted the backgrounds into the game, I don't feel the backgrounds met my standards.

In fact, I considered only 3 out of 34 of them worthy to be reworked. So I did a little tinkling on them and transform them into some simple but appealing LF2 BGs.
Also, I didn't bother to look up their original names in chinese because I expected the naming sense of U1 to be dumb....

Each spoiler regarding its BG has basic information about it.

A "weak" parallax means there are only 2 layers that compose parallax effect, so the effect is nearly unnoticeable.

Devil's Hall (Click to View)
Gargoyle Hall (Click to View)
Space Vessel (Click to View)

STM for recommendations.
I wanted... no, actually didn't want to thank U1. If I'm not bothered I'd just find better graphics in pixabay. (Screw it on copyright claim)
Thanks given by: Gad , STM1993
1st one looks and better fits for DMC,well the second one is probably for MK themed.hmm thrid,I guess is Starwars.....

If u revamp or made any of those,i suggest making them more like cartoon-ish and simple,rathar than making them so horrific with those bg-bgs.kha IYKWIMYFS
Thanks given by:
Sprite swap of HK Coliseum to Gargoyle Hall
[Image: TkJxpWz.png]

Under Vigo's suggestion, I created a sprite package that can replace images of HK Coliseum into Gargoyle Hall. This background is shifted upwards and has no animation, but still works as alternative of HK Coliseum.

The package was designed to suit player needs to play versus mode in vanilla LF2 without changing any data. Therefore with lfr file from vanilla LF2 it's possible to replay the fights within this background.

Download from Mediafire
Thanks given by: STM1993

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