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Character: Flying Kicker bandit
Flying Kicker bandit
[Image: Tc8HAIu.png]
Flying Kicker is intended to be a minion for Stage mode, used for tutorial purposes.

The concept of this character is to use an enemy to wordlessly teach new players certain game mechanics.
This enemy always starts up with an almost instant run, transitioning immediately into a powerful flying kick.
Hopefully, this demonstrates to players how to do >>JA and how incredibly useful it is in LF2.
At the same time, it forces players to learn the weaknesses of such an attack and counter appropriately.
It is also meant to teach players to do special moves(when hopefully they block, turn around and try to punch).

This character can beat Difficult Stage 1 on its own without criminals and with some luck.


YouTube Video:

Modding Notes:
  1. Done purely using DC by changing walking/running etc directly, no AI edits.
  2. Using id 40-49, he won't have a pink "Com" in Stage mode.
  3. Never blinks when waking up no matter the game mode or difficulty; this is done with frame 0 & next: 1100.
  4. Actually holding an invisible weapon, therefore the AI won't try to pick up items on the floor.
  5. AI doesn't really become any easier/harder with difficulty...
  6. I recommend that you give this enemy 60hp in Stage mode. (45 Easy, 90 Crazy)

Credits to Hari for the additional recovery sprites at the end of punch & dash attack.

Have fun!
[Image: uMSShyX.png]
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