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Hi, everyone been a while since i been on here, probably don't even know me, but anyway a while back i added 70 characters into the lf2  game and made a little story out of it for me and my bros( Story is just in word text). First i wanted to know if i should upload it. None of the characters added are mine, but i did do a little data changing for some fighters moves since they shared same ids. (Also, messed with some of the sprites and changed all music - none of the music is mine) Next, if it is OK to upload it how to do so since it is about 1 or 2 gb in all.( Also added 67 backgrounds). i tried to add it back in October of last year but could not since the file was to big. i am going to add the fighter list i made and anything else i took from somewhere to know if i should take a fighter/background out first just in case u don't want me posting ur char or something.(that is if i can post it at all) -Thanks in advance

-doing this now because my computer is giving me problems so..... ya

(note: run in reduced color mode 16bit and not fullscreen.... or at least thats the only way i get it to work)

(Actually cant attach word file ill just paste it)

Character list
Separator from bottom half: template 2
Julian’s Family: The Greatest power in the land.
Julian (Evil Emperor/Ruler of Dark City/Julianoid)
Julia (Princess of Dark City/ Daughter of Julian/ First in line for throne/Half Julianoid)
Julio (Prince of Dark City/ Son of Julian/ Second in line for throne/ Julianoid)
Jae (Prince of Dark City/ Son of Julian/ Third in line for throne/ Half Julianoid)
Max (Prince of Dark City/ Son of Julian/ Fourth in line for throne/ Half Julianoid)
Separator: justins
Renowned Fighters: Fighters said to be able to challenge even the likes of Julian.
Firzen (Legendary Tai Hom Fighter/ Graduated Student of Dao)
Liso (Legendary Tai Hom Fighter)
Bright (Legendary Tai Hom Fighter)
Separator: monks
Julian’s Chiefs: Julian’s 5 chiefs, his strongest fighters.
Jason (Number One Chief/Julian Right Hand Man)
Cord (Second in command Chief/ Batoid)
Nightwing (Third in command Chief/Batiod)
Marshall (Foruth in command Chief/ quarter Julianoid)
Earth (Fifth in command Chief)
Separator: template
Dark City Fighters: The top fighters of dark city, loyal to Julian.
Duke (Number one Dark City Fighter)
Darius (Second best Dark City Fighter)
Vivian (Third best Dark City Fighter/Ex-student of Master Dao, Trained in skill of cancelation)
Kris (Stone-cold)
Varinziel (Ex-Mafia)
Devin (Strong and Fashionable)
Emmet (Fights using his cape)
Swan (Uses energy guns)
Kowpen (Uses energy attacks)
Separator: jacks
Shogun’s Inner Circle: Wishes to defeat Julian’s Family and become the greatest power.
Shogun (The Shogun, a Necromancer)
Taki (Queen to the shogun, a Ninja / Bluna Partner)
Targaros (Prince/First in line to the throne/Leader of the Order of Knights/Mafia Enabler/Child of The shogun and Taki)
Mia (Princess/ Second in line to the throne/ Child of The shogun and Taki)
Mahoro (Mia’s Personal Guard/Shogun’s Secret weapon/Android)
Ether (Ruler of Sky City/ Mia’s Loyal Vassal/Posses the rare power of Flight)
Bluna (Taki’s Ninja/ Taki’s Partner/Graduated student of Master Dao)
Curly (Taki’s Personal Bodyguard/Android)
Harlequin (Court Jester)
Assassin (The Shogun’s Assassin)
GoldenGun (The Shogun’s Bounty Hunter/Cyborg)
Aeron (Sky City’s Head Guard/ Posses the rare power of flight/Ether’s half-brother/Rento’s Partner)
Rento (Sky City Guard, second in command/ Aeron’s Partner)
Separator: knights
The Mafia: Organized criminals, protected for now by Targaros, loyal only to each other, look to vie for power, influence, and money by any means necessary.
Aiden (Mafia Don/ Semi-loyal to Targaros)
Vincent (Aiden’s Right hand man)
Bleeq (Senor Mafia)
2Fast (Intermediate Mafia)  
Caesar (Rookie Mafia)
Separator: hunters
The Outlaw: Ernest is an extremely skilled, dangerous, and psychotic criminal. He takes pleasure in inflicting torment to almost anyone.
Ernest (Sand-Bending Outlaw)
Separator: sandmen
Mercenary Leaders: Loyal to whoever pays the most.
Dr. Beorn (Top payed, hired, and skilled mercenary leader)
Maveric (Competing with Beorn for work)
Separator: marks
Bandit Leader: Out to cause trouble, Bandit Leader Bonu preys on anyone who passes by.
Bonu (Bandit leader)
Separator: bandits
Dao’s Dojo: Master Dao trains his students to become worthy fighters in any skill set they can handle. Dao wishes for him and his students to stay out of the power struggle conflict.
Dao (Dojo’s master/Skilled in most everything)
Walter (Dao’s Protégé/ Dojo Teacher)
Wanda (Walter’s Protégé/ Top Student)
Stormy (Dao’s Student)
Foxy (Dao’s Student)
Leonidas (Walter’s Student)
Frost (Walter’s Student)
Ramper (Walter’s Student)
Separator: jans
Sorcerers: Invokers of powers, instead of it coming from energy training.
Sara (Most skilled invoker knowing a wide variety of energy invocations)
Caleb (Fire invoker)
Beeya (Dark invoker)
Separator: sorcerers  
Tai Hom Fighters: The Top Fighters of Tai Hom, Loyal to The Shogun.
Tiger (Animalistic powers)
Koalo (Uses red energy attacks)
Loden (Cyborg)
Clide (Close Combat Fighter)
Mefju (Has an energy sword)
Nino (Good close combat energy attacks)
Pendzik (uses thunder attacks)
Walsemore (Uses ice attacks)
Frozen (Uses ice attacks)
Leo (Local vigilante)
Edward (Aspiring Knight)
Tina (Aspiring Knight)
Sharp (Main Fighter)
Robert (Main Fighter)
Adam (Main Fighter)

Cliff: the left edge of the land/Right edge of the land
Tai Hom Village: Village of many great fighters
Village night: Tai Hom Village at night
Palatial: Dao’s Dojo
Exam Area: Dao’s Dojo’s Exam Area
Oriental Gardens: Farmland within Tai Hom
Old road: Old road leading to an old house and the lion forest
House: A old secluded house in Tai Hom, usually inhabited by bandits
River shrine: Water Shrine leading to lion forest, Dao’s dojo comes here to meditate
Lion forest: Large forest area past Tai Hom
Lunar forest: lion forest at night
Moonlit wilderness: in the highlands of the lion forest
Forest of Death: in the highlands of lion forest, named for the high concentration of bandits
Fish: Top of lion forest Waterfall
Waterfall: Bottom of lion forest waterfall
Gaia realm: Secret Oasis past the lion forest waterfall
Ark Leviathanis: Entrance to the undisclosed Dragon Citadel, home of the renowned Tai Hom Fighters
Thunder Temple: Bright’s Chamber within the Dragon Citadel
Aqua Aedes: Liso’s Chamber in the Dragon Citadel
Dragon Citadel: Firzen’s Chamber
Temple: Entrance to the sand area and leading toward Mayan Pyramids
Pyramid: Old pyramid ruins
Sandstorm Bridge: Bridge to the Mayan Pyramids
Mayan Pyramids:  A city within the sand, home of fugitive Ernest
Leaguer: Bandit encampment within the sand; Bonu’s encampment
Jungle: Start of the jungle area
Forest: High ground within the jungle, End of the jungle area
Ice Mountain: Start of the snow area, high altitude
Snow mountain: Even higher altitude within the snow area
Wforest: An area of norm for snow bandits
Land of snow: extremely high altitude within snow area; cloud level
Crystal cave: A natural cave leading to Sky City and cyber forest (not warm but much warmer then outside) Settlers, Bandits, miners reside within.
Bunker: Secret bunker within cyber forest, where androids and cyborgs are created.
B Paradox: A Castle ruin leading to transport to sky city
Fantasmic: diamond within this area used to levitate or descend to/from sky city
Sky City: The city within the sky; Ruler Ether
Nachtmystium: Transport used to descend or levitate from/to sky city
Sunset at marina: marina leading to the shogun’s city
Port: port of the shoguns city
Rosary Duel: Area where Shogun and his inner circle meet/ stay
Mondilcht: Inside of Rosary duel
Forbbiden tower: inside forbidden tower, Home of prince Taragaros and princess Mia
Stone bridge: bridge between the forbidden tower area and the castle
Thorne hall: throne room to the shogun and Taki
France: opening hall of the castle
Castle: Shogun’s castle
Queens island: (the queens island)
Great wall: protects everything behind it!
CUHK: an area of peace, usually. Area of the HK coliseum
HK Coliseum: where fighters around the land come to prove their skill in a tournament
Deck: Ship to and from Stanley prison
Ewige Nacht: backside of Stanley prison
Stanley prison: Where the unwelcomed go, usually made to fight in tournament
Prison Plant: Entrance to Stanley prison
Derelict: entrance to Agni cave/ Julian’s area
Agni cave: First Part of cave
WH: Second part of cave
Vallenfyre: Cord and Nightwing’s Chamber within the cave, opening to go to dark city
Dark City: Julian’s city, city of many great fighters
Acherontic: Julian’s castle
Ignis templum: entrance and stair case to Julian’s castle
Bloody night: Corridor of Julian’s castle
Julian’s world: Second corridor of Julian’s castle
Julian cave: Julian’s throne
Brokeback cliff: Bottom of falling of the “cliff”
Blazes of sorrow: Burnt down city or village (any)
Hall of fame: (From the other dimension)

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wheres the lf2 mod?
Common Household name??!!? (Click to View)
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i do not know how to upload it.

Never mind, i figured out i think. will upload now
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