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Unread posts bug
Hi guys.

I am getting an unwanted number of ''unread posts''

I know forum has a very low activity,chance of seeing unamount of 10 more posts thrills me.but it is a bug.

For few months my unread posts was only till 22.because I was not reading them(and wasnt interested in those 22 posts)

When I open my unread post list its old like 22 posts where it be like,same posts.

5 days back when I logged in,it showed 33 unread post.I cleared the posts,three new posts about Anshus art.

Today I logged in,and now I have 40 unread same old

This why I claimed to dispose Anshus thread. To see if my bug could stumble.
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I'm not sure if it's actually a bug in the back-end, but have you tried pressing "mark threads / posts as read" and checking if it still does not work for you? You can find the link at the top of the page when you press on the "view new posts".

Hope that helps!
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According to my understanding of the code, it'll sum up all posts of threads you haven't read. For example, if you were to skip a certain thread and people posted 10 new posts in there, the counter would increase by 10. If you clicked on that thread, all new posts would be deducted from that counter again. If you have a specific set of threads you don't care about at all, you can simply hit "mark all threads as read" as @Simoneon described. Alternatively, on the index-page, at the bottom, there is a "mark all forums as read"-link which essentially does the same.

tl;dr: either manually click yourself through all unwanted threads or hit "mark all X as read" to bring the counter down to 0 and see if the problem still persists.
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