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Are Davis action figures not sold anymore?
A month ago I tried to order figures from Marti, because some people in our community asked me to do a joint order for them.
Unfortunately Marti hasn't responded yet.
Do you know what is going on with him?
In any case I will leave it as a donation, but I hope everything is OK...
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When I ordered two figures a couple years ago and got no order response after a few days, I directly contacted Marti via mail (not sure where I got it from though) and got a response after a few days.
So I'd suggest contacting him directly about it and I'm sure it'll work out :)
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Marti is OK and all is right!
I sent him a mail and he has just responded.
Apparently he didn't get any notifictions from PayPal in the last few weeks and he didn't know about it.
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