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Hari's sprites
Hello, wanted to share with forum some of the sprites I made recently.

As I've been mainly helping STM with his mod, pretty much all what I have to show is related to it. There is no any single original sprites, but I kinda wanted to show what I'm working on and how I do so.

At some point I lost all of the psd files and sprites itself, but managed to save some of them and find other on discord and pms, so here is some of the unused sprites from LF2 Rebalance:

Feel free to use them for your own projects.

Here is more of a show of how I'm spriting, becasue I was always interested to see original size sprites.
All of them were made in 300% of original size, few were done from scratch, others are just modified originals.

As for other projects, I made a skin for Leviaiz aka rewlf2's character - Killis.

Wanted to remake also whole character, but gave up on dc.

As for my own creations, I'm recreating Robyn. He should be much better quality overall when I'm done.

[Image: V5cOvCA.gif] [Image: T6jNSn1.png]

Lastly, I'm also drawing new sprites for Steiner

[Image: Dm6sVtX.png] [Image: GtfAKKf.png]

Basic movement sprites are done, but decided to change shading a bit.

[Image: 11.gif]
Thanks given by: Bamboori , LutiChris , STM1993 , A-Man , Arcane , Gad , Nyamaiku , king_freeza , Marko
The Hari, is that you? ?
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Yes, that's me, forgot both my account and old mail password.
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Save the trouble of making a mod and put him in extended lf2 or stick with ur choice
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