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Any local communities around the world?
I don't remember whether if this was already discussed, maybe was a side topic in the "Is LF2 Still Alive?" topic. I open this topic following a discussion started in my community, regarding the situation around the world.
As the title says, what local forums or communities are there in the world? How active are they today comparing to the past? What's the community centered about?

As some of you may already know, I come from the Israeli site - the same one that brought you Multiserver 1.0 and 2.0. Our community was always centered around PVP and competitive play, while PVE and moding are only secondary interest.
It was very active until 2008-9 with more than 40 active players I beilieve. From that year, there was a massive downfall, there were still some ups and downs, but in 2013 it was ultimately dead for a few months.
Around 2014-5, a new generation of players joined the forum and from that point, the community stayed relatively the same with up to 20 players.
Online play is very smooth most of the time and the speed is as close as it can be to normal speed. Sometime we suffer from short game freezes, but only if one of the players suffers from slow internet connection.
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lf2 is still growing.
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Taiwan, China, Russia, Poland.

Can't speak for everyone, but it does appear most of the activity is indeed centered around online matches nowadays, mostly PvP. Making mods does take some commitment compared to just hopping on irc/discord/similar equivalents afterall, and Stage/Survival does get pretty repetitive and takes longer to complete compared to a few short rounds of PvP.

For LFE itself, the Discord has spontaneous fights sometimes, mostly PvP as well, though since LFE is an international community the lag makes the fights a very slow & different experience and discourages playing Survival.
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dang there should be some meet up groups for this kind of lf2 life and online courses for such
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