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LF-Empire Client
@Silverthorn thank you very much for you feedback!

- shortcut on the desktop also when unselected
- path-bug
- html code stuff to plain text
- state 8000 when id changed (thx at Stm93 for the note)

- uninstaller (to lazy to write him until to this time)
- warning (more xD): when the new wish "mod" needs a id property which exists already

Silverthorn Wrote:[question] How are installations handled when two characters have equally named files?...
That predicted by Gad. I check the filename and will rename this in the data file (like the oid s)

Silverthorn Wrote:[feature req] parse HTML entities.
Luigi600 Wrote:- forgotten: html code to plain text, like...
:P but now

Silverthorn Wrote:[feature req] Handle ID clashes. During installation of the character, warn that the ID is already existing in data.txt. If there are multiple files from different downloads that point to the same oid:, refactor them. Keep a list of IDs that have hardcoded properties and warn if an installed, refactored file would be affected.
Good idea! Thanks at Ramond for the link to the thread of STM's Random DC tidbits.

Silverthorn Wrote:[feature req] Do a loading screen animation thingy when the program starts up instead of a lockup during initial bootup.
It is not added because then i must to write the loader new because then i need a thread for that and .Net + Thread + GUI = :(

And to delete of "mods"... I want to add this in the new version of Easier LF-Editor because he reads all informations so he knows all. And it is one reason more to download him ;)
This client was a just for fun project and i would not have thought that he gets a lot of views. And that one of the admins has write a reply.
Okay perhaps when i have time and fun, i write this function..

Silverthorn Wrote:Gameplay works nicely, though. Good work so far!
Thank you!
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LF-Empire Client
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