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is this possible?
is it possible to make hanry an attack which he makes weapons fly to the air (like his regular flute) and after the flute ends all the weapons will land on the closest enemy?
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but shouldn't henry be able to move them? like, the move finishes, opoint some wind, and they fly to the front? it's not "land on closest enemy" but it's better than nothing. also, landing on closest enemy is pretty useless since that would happen even without this, they will fall on any enemy who enters sonata of death's range.
make sure to check my sprites!
I guarantee your eyes won't hurt! At least, they won't hurt too much :p !
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I gave it a bit more thought.

The biggest problem is that you can't control how the weapons decide to act, in the end all you can do is lift it with flute and then push them away with an itr(consequently making them switch to your team). Only baseballs/drinks(due to automatically going to throwing frames) and heavy objects(due to being able to hit when in midair) would be able to hit other people.

I suppose there is one way for full mods - implement an itr kind 8 system in the weapons that detect for the character using that one move. Then they'd move to the character's location and go to the frame specified in the dvx, hit them with an itr to convert them to your team, and then the weapons use a teleport frame to get to the enemy(I've no idea if state 400 teleporting would work correctly in this case). Could work for dropping single weapons but it'd be a huge mess trying to get this to work with multiple weapons.
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made it :D
[Image: 1sjjsz.gif]

I made a invisible ball at the end of the flute that teleports to the nearest enemy and summon an invisble character at high (y: -5000) that disapear after 1 second.
I put in all the weapons itr kind 8 that activated when they meet the the invisble character and teleported to him, right above the closest enemy.
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