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[HELP] LF2 lots of chars
(05-24-2017, 06:18 PM)the mad maskman Wrote:  well, i didn't notice it before now, but that's a nice collection of chars. by any chance, did you visit my quality chars thrad?

Yup! I enjoyed alot and some of them are into the game (I've changed the Data.txt and File.dat to fit more of them without any crash or troubles into the game) they are very well designed. May I ask you, do you already have developed any full char with Attks, Magic, Combos, etc?

I have no Idea how to do that, was trying, but it's really complex!

What the numbers I should use for ID chars, like 50,51,52...99 are for bosses? 1,2,3...49 for regular chars? And about the numbers 300,400...6500?
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ummh, i did. but it wasn't good. not at all. name is charcoal, a modification of john. but, if you want to learn, the dc forum, and the tutorials on the mainsite are extremely useful.
make sure to check my sprites!
I guarantee your eyes won't hurt! At least, they won't hurt too much :p !
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