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Version a mod of NTSD II
I'll wait for the full version and let me know about the official release can't wait to play it would be really fun
What is up my fellow chibits (Click to View)
Thanks given by: XxDomexX
Thank you for the reply :D

I regularly add something, so theoretically it will never be finished xD

I've Added Ike from Super Smash Bros. Here is showcase:

[Image: ike_showcase_by_xshikeixx-db856uo.gif]

If you have Ideas for Chars or Attacks or want to help me a bit with spriting, Please PM me ^^

Would anyone want to see something of a certain character?

I Have a lot to show :DD
Thanks given by: Oeiji
A New Update from me ^^
Deidaras new Bird Mode
[Image: deidara_bird_mode_showcase_by_xshikeixx-db8cw2z.gif]
Deidaras Self destruction xD
[Image: deidara_self_destruct_by_xshikeixx-db852cc.gif]
A litte showcase about Fuos Wolf Mode
[Image: fuo_wolf_mode_showcase_by_xshikeixx-db8cu5p.gif]
Two Moves of Shikei XD
[Image: shikei_guitar_modexd_by_xshikeixx-db85102.gif]
[Image: shikei_sawarabi_no_mai_left_and_right_by...b850eg.gif]

Enemy showcase:
[Image: enemy_showcase_by_xshikeixx-db8d2jn.gif]
Kakuzu Showcase:
[Image: kakuzu_showcase_by_xshikeixx-db8d5ah.gif]

Shikamaru with Hidans and Normal Moveset xD
[Image: shikamaru_showcase_by_xshikeixx-db8d7d0.gif]
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