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[Solved] Two specific moves wont work properly after transformation

I have stumbled across a weird problem.

I have a character that can transform and transform back to his original form.
When I start with one of the two, their moves work flawlessly. However, when I transform, one specific move does not work, as in it won't show any frame pics. Same thing can be said when transforming back, one specific move will not work.

Normal form: DuA+D>J (There is another move which can be triggered after DuA, and that is DJA to Transform)
Transformed: D>J

These are the two culprits.

Now I have messed around with the +140 pic solution. I do think that I may have got those two specific moves' pic numbers wrong. But I find it weird that they will not work only AFTER transformation/revert-back.

In any ways, the data lines are the following for those two moves as they are currently:


I have tried varying the pic numbers and the file orders. But it simply will not work. Nothing was affected with the +140, just these two specific moves. At first, they showed the wrong frame pics, as you'd expect after applying the +140 pics. However, as I mentioned above, they will not show any pics AFTER transformation/revert back.

I don't know if it dislikes that specific frame # or that input combination. Also, I have to get this working on a stock 2.0a. No fancy .dll's or hex .exe edits.

It may be worth stressing, that I am only 'fixing' these chars up for someone, and not for myself.

I am open to any suggestions. I fear that I am missing something extraordinary simple, and will end up has a total fool here.  :wtf:
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Try this:
file(0-69): sprite\S-Josh\s-josh_0.bmp  w: 79  h: 79  row: 10  col: 7
file(70-139): sprite\\S-Josh\s-josh_1.bmp  w: 79  h: 79  row: 10  col: 7
file(140-209): sprite\S-Josh\s-josh_0.bmp  w: 79  h: 79  row: 10  col: 7
file(210-279): sprite\S-Josh\s-josh_1.bmp  w: 79  h: 79  row: 10  col: 7
file(280-349): sprite\S-Josh\s-josh_2.bmp  w: 79  h: 79  row: 10  col: 7
file(350-419): sprite\S-Josh\s-josh_2.bmp  w: 79  h: 79  row: 10  col: 7
file(420-489): sprite\S-Josh\s-josh_2.bmp  w: 79  h: 79  row: 10  col: 7
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Someone else's solution should work. You basically forgot to add another 70 frames into your _2 spritesheet, so the way you did it it's just +70 (but correctly with the _0 and _1 sheets with +140). Transforming with state 8xxx will always use +140 pic shift, even if you transform back to your original id, so it's not surprising that the pics still didn't display after transforming back!
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Well that was embarrassing.. I did forgot to add +140 to _2 sheet...

Thanks a bunch guys!
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