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Gad - repchar
Gad means reptile in polish. As my repchar this char is posed to be a half human and half reptile.

Gad is a powerful bruiser, his wild animal fury and imposing physique make him a deadly force to behold!
He has great reach, strong anti-air capabilities and is a bit faster than normal on the x-axis.
However, he is a bit slow on the z-axis, has quite a long recovery time and his large body presents a bigger target.

Pack includes a character with entirely new sprites and a simple AI that can use and chain abilities.

1. Punch - quite similar to Dennis, but recovers a bit faster & moves forward a lot more.
2. Run Attack - blocks attacks initially, then charge forward to claw. Can move along z-axis. Good for killing bandits.
3. Jump Attack - a simple but powerful kick. Can be used twice on a jumping enemy.
4. Dash Claw - a quick dash attack with a bit more forward movement & height than regular, and shorter itr duration.


1. Energy Slashes D>A [125mp / 25%]
Does two short-range blasts similar to Deep's, but with Woody's attack style.

2. Reptilian Shrafe DvA [75mp / 15%]
Unleash a flurry of attacks similar to Davis. It ends with an upward jump kick, and you can roll/dash away upon landing.

3. Javelin Spin D>J [200mp / 40%]
Lunge forward with incredible force, similar to Woody's tiger dash.
* Can be used while rolling.

4. Alligator Charge D^J [125mp / 25% (+continuous mp cost)]
Charge forward and attempt to grab the enemy. When successful, hold the enemy infront of you like a battering ram.
* Can be used while rolling.
* Pressing >A or J allows you to Spin Throw. Keep pressing A/J to keep spinning. You may change direction while spinning.
* Unlike the heavy_weapon version, F6 does not affect the direction change.

[Image: RoJYdtc.png]


Download at dropbox:

Thanks to STM93 for main work with data, balance and fixes.
Sprites, adjustment and AI done by myself.

[Image: NsiNMB9.png]

Help me and test my new game basis!

And obviously I endorse this character since I helped to make it ^^

Here's a playthrough from me. It is slightly dated(I've fixed a couple of bugs/issues and there is a change in the drinking sprite), but its accurate for the most part!
[Image: 7mIEiZH.png]
And this was the placeholder face pic I drew in MS Paint before Gad finished the new facepic. Its included in the download!

For advanced DC techniques, the main draw would be the D^J move. I used a double-grab system to make sure the grab can't be easily escaped by simply going to a new frame just as the catch happened (which is a really silly bug that Louis suffers) - a 1st grab sends enemy into a vulnerable injury frame and into a fixed coordinate location(as well as a buffer in case it does get "cancelled"), and then a 2nd grab to properly catch the enemy. As a side effect this does mean that the grab has a rather high priority.
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Thanks given by: Gad , A-Man , BizarreHare
Wonderful work, you two! Totally Mainsite-worthy ;)
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Thanks given by: Gad , STM1993
So I played with this character for a bit.

Gad is a close/mid-range character. He has short ranged energy slashes for his D>A, feel similar to Woody's, except they only travel a bit more than Deep's energy slashes before they dissipate. He has a DvA that can seem similar to Davis's, but differs with the fact that it ends with Gad in the air giving you the option to roll with well timed defend on crouch. From rolling, you can surprise your opponent with Gad's D>J move called "Javelin Spin", where Gad darts into his opponents to knock them away (think Woody's tiger dash). It's pretty satisfying to use it against grunts also, especially knowing that it travels more distance than Woody's. Pretty overpowered.. Right? HOWEVER, since the trajectory Gad takes leads to going farther, it also means (because gravity) that he'll go higher too at some point; in fact, it goes high enough to let Gad fly over you if you're in the right range where he hits the maximum height. I can only imagine intercepting him from under playing as Davis with dragon's punch (D^A)!

That's not everything Gad can do. Gad still has one characteristic move that pretty defines his nature: "Alligator Charge" (D^J), a grab-based move where Gad suddenly dashes forward in an attempt to get hold of the enemy. If he succeeds, he'll begin charging forward with the enemy being held. From there, you can keep mashing Jump to start spinning and to slam the swinging opponent on whatever is in your way, dealing damage to whoever is involved in the collision.

This same manoeuvre can be used with any heavy weapon like a box or a rock, making it very useful in clearing a surrounding crowd.

Overall, top character. Has 4 special moves like most original LF2 characters and generally fits the game very well.

Keep it up.
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Thanks given by: Gad , STM1993 , BizarreHare
Great! Just tested out, all the moves linking combos are really in good touch,but don't really wanted to go on the bad side,though some work dint put much effort ,like a lot of dirty pixels,hes rip of mark,pants don't match,face is pretty ugly,but in the end nice job.

What I noticed is the upward twin kick been copied from @penews Javis, though I tested out him.
Thanks given by:
Woah woah. I get it. You might not like some aspects, but I don't really agree with what you say.

(01-26-2017, 03:54 PM)Sevendogs Wrote:  though some work dint put much effort
Hmmm. To be honest: I think that's the most detailed and polished lf2 addon I have ever created. And I did put a lot of effort to polish it. It took us few weeks to release.

(01-26-2017, 03:54 PM)Sevendogs Wrote:  like a lot of dirty pixels
? Where? can you point this out? I haven't seen one dirty pixel so far.

(01-26-2017, 03:54 PM)Sevendogs Wrote:  hes rip of mark
Well. I wouldn't call this a ripoff. That's true - he was based on Mark in terms of data and sprite. But both of these have been polished and redesigned. Not to mention, that every attack that he has (including punches, jump attacks etc) has been designed by myself with no base. And yes, I took Dennis for a projectile reference...
(01-26-2017, 03:54 PM)Sevendogs Wrote:  pants don't match
Can you explain why? I tried to keep the desing close to original lf2 characters. What doesn't match here?

(01-26-2017, 03:54 PM)Sevendogs Wrote:  face is pretty ugly
You mean the _f pic? Or the face inside the sprite.
Idk, but they look ok to me.

(01-26-2017, 03:54 PM)Sevendogs Wrote:  but in the end nice job.
Oh, thanks...

(01-26-2017, 03:54 PM)Sevendogs Wrote:  What I noticed is the upward twin kick been copied from @penews Javis, though I tested out him.
In the first moment I din't know what a Javis was. Then I did some research.
I only saw some sprites once, and I assure you the double kick was invented on my own.

[Image: NsiNMB9.png]

Help me and test my new game basis!

Thanks given by:
Sevendogs Wrote:What I noticed is the upward twin kick been copied from @penews Javis
Hmm, I don't remember Javis ever being released.
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A-Engine: A new beat em up game engine inspired by LF2. Coming soon

A-Engine Dev Blog - Update #8: Timeout

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can you put more attacks or is that it
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