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Some LFO 2D sprites resources
Hello, in case you wonder what is the LFO, it was a game published by U1 Technology which acted as an online version of Little Fighters.

Now this game is closed and (I predicted from the blog of CEO of U1) the company is defunct, not to mention the game was once sold to another company, hosted in (now closed), I think it is safe to publish the resources of the game.

As long as you don't use these graphics for commercial use you should be fine.

The package downloaded below consists of a list of LFO pawns which are drawn in 2D.

Unfortunately all main characters are rendered from 3D models and poorly animated, making them mindless zombies, so they are not included.

I am not responsible for any poor graphics included there, but I think they are well shaded and drawn, just some polishing and expansion will make them great characters.

Doanload link:
Thanks given by: A-Man , Mono , LutiChris
Checked them, dem they look awful.
Anyway, thanks for sharing
[Image: eAyH2YZ.png]
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Nice, thanks for sharing!

For those unwilling to download, have some...
Random samples (Click to View)
203 images in total.

Personally, I find the proportions awful and texturing is sloppy as well but overall, some concepts are actually quite nice. If you're looking for character-inspiration, this might actually be worth a look into.

» Gallery | » Sprites | » devArt

  [Image: style5,Blue-spc-Phoenix.png]
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Thanks given by: LutiChris

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