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games like lf2?
im looking for games that resemble lf2:
  • 2d arena fighter
  • anime/cartoonish sprites
  • simple controls
  • preferably pc supported
i was hoping people here could point me towards some good alternatives. so far im aware of:

river city ransom: underground (still in development)
[Image: 9FQJzvE.gif]

wishmere (released on steam)
[Image: rpDsgFy.gif]

touhou dai undousai (status unknown)
[Image: 8bveiJ0.gif]
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FYI the mechanics of Little Fighter 1 was similar to Hot-Blooded High School game series, which includes two-head body proportions, a low-gravity jumping physics, throwing weapons horizontally and throwing men lying on floor.

If you find more of games which are similar to the "Hot-Blooded" series there is high chance they would resemble LF1.

LF2 uses a slightly more realistic physics model. But the HUD and background design are little different from LF1.

P.S. The 2.5D fighting genre is not limited to "Hot-Blooded" series, a bunch of arcade games like "Knights of Valour" and even some GBA games share this genre.
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Go play River City Ransom on any console.
[Image: eAyH2YZ.png]
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The whole Double Dragon series. I remember playing it on a Gameboy back in the 90s. A bit more story-oriented than LF2 but also features side-scrolling and weapons. I mean, who doesn't like baseball-wielding goons? :D
[Image: gfs_28955_2_4.jpg]

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(12-15-2016, 07:08 AM)Mono Wrote:  Go play River City Ransom on any console.

update: river city ransom just released on steam! looks like ill have a LF2 alternative to play afterall :D
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Just download an arcade simulator like MAME and Kawaks and find some old-school beat-em-up games. Those are games that LF2 LIKES. :)
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