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Pnewcustom sprites

i am working on my lf2 verss, and i found these sprites in my backup folder,i used them in my mod once.

But they had been missing so i replace them with other these are no longer in my mod.

so they are free use.

Davis splitkick
[Image: lQfsdSn.png]

Dennis icekick
[Image: skMr347.png]

Woody hakka
[Image: EGfRoKY.png]

[Image: ewuT8O5.png]

Rudolf flame
[Image: ymzNdVa.png]

[Image: biD58fU.png]

Woody shots
[Image: 1feOjlB.png]
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animate them
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(10-22-2016, 06:19 PM)Marko Wrote:  animate them

There is no need to animate them, these are broken sprites,you just have to pick a single sprite and add it to your mod.and i cant animate them.
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i am lazy and quite frankly i don't have time to deal with such things atm,.. if you did animate them you'd might get some hopeful tip from me or anyone else, just sayin
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ok, these are broken sprites, i have taken them from rough sprite work, i have loads of modded      
sprites which i will post it later, And these sprites are specially for those who are working on their they just have to take idea from the sprites themselves.thats why i cant animate them.
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'at the moment'

EDIT: ˇˇAs i future scientist i am ashamed that that didn't occur my mind hahah
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or atmospheric pressure

@^: I just hope we don't end up somewhere that's similar to where our posts are likely to be going =D
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