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[Character]Skill that may only be used once - issues and problems
(09-09-2016, 12:51 PM)AscheLeee Wrote:  I added fall 70 to the itr kind 8, and it fixed most problems, except it still detaches if knocked far away / high up, and still attaches to the attacker if they are the same character...

Also tried increasing the bdy size of the falling frames by 300px but it still didn't fix anything :x
That's because ik8 only moves the ball by the x-axis; it won't follow the character along the y-axis. So you'd likely need to make the bdy and itr bigger on the y-axis or just avoid making moves that launch a character far away altogether. As for attaching to an enemy, one thing you might have to do is add some kind of itr that repels attackers who share the same bdy - but of course this also creates a problem where the attacker gets interrupted even if he isn't stealing the debuff. I'm not sure if using arest instead of vrest for the ik8 would work.

Not much else I can suggest unfortunately.
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