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do you know a good jhex tutorial?
Im new with hex, do you know any good tutorial for it?
I tried this tutorial:
and I understood almost everything but I dont know how to do other things by myself.
do you know any good tutorial of how to edix with hex?
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  1. Don't think you can get anywhere with a hex editor.
  2. Use Cheat Engine/OllyDbg instead.
  3. Learn assembly and computer architecture stuff, learn to program in an at least somewhat down to the metal language (C++ is fine, Java isn't).
  4. If you have questions ask on IRC.
Age ratings for movies and games (and similar) have never been a good idea.
One can learn a lot from reinventing wheels.
An unsound argument is not the same as an invalid one.
volatile in C++ does not mean thread-safe.
Do not make APIs unnecessarily asynchronous.
Make C++ operator > again
Trump is an idiot.
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