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A way to make F7 ( Heal all ) possible in Lf2 2.0a ?
It was possible in 1.9c that you can heal everything after you died and the scorescrean popped up but its not possible anymore in 2.0a.

I dont want to play 1.9c cause its too outdated in many things.

you guys know a trick for this ?
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I'm sure this was an intended *fix* to F7's functionality though. And the only notable changes LF2 2.0a had over 1.9c were the music and the survival stage (and the sprite mirroring stuff for some GPUs).

But to answer your question: I don't think there is any trick nor any worthwhile method to do it.

(something about this post induced an intense feeling of dejavu)
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This was probably introduced due to replays, and yes it is the sort of thing that has been bugging us all since 2.0 was released, and since this is something that bugs us all this thread motivated me to fix it, so here is a patch: (address, before, after)
And here is an exe with the patch applied:

Interestingly this does not break replays in any significant way. The replay is saved when the scoreboard first appears and plays fine even in an unmodified executable. If you then press F7 the rest of the match will not be recorded but everything else will work fine.
Only if you press F7 before the replay is saved, but after the match has ended, will the replay fail to play in an unmodified executable.
I only tested this in VS mode, things might explode elsewhere.
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Ty Man it works
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